Why Additives in fuel are important

  • 07 Julie 2020
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This is an important factor to consider for any user with a fleet of diesel vehicles or your normal motorist with a modern high-powered diesel vehicle which uses technology like common rail, direct injection, turbocharging and emissions systems such as diesel particulate filters (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems.

The additives package is multifunctional and consists mainly of a combination of the following:

  1. 1. Deposit control components that will immediately start to repair an engine’s lost power.
  2. 2. A detergent that removes carbon deposits in the engine, and maintain the spray pattern of injectors, leading to optimal diesel consumption and clean combustion.
  3. 3. An anti-corrosion agent, very important to keep injectors in tip-top shape.
  4. 4. A demulsifier alters the kinetic stability by changing the interfacial film encapsulating water droplets and allowing the coalescence of the water droplets separate from the diesel. The result is that fuel filters and water traps can easily intercept water in the system, usually caused by condensation in high humidity climates.
  5. 5. An anti-foaming formation so that tanks can be filled faster.
  6. 6. A biocide to eliminate bacterial growth which can promote pitting corrosion and fouling of injectors.  This is typically a problem with diesel kept for longer periods before usage.
  7. 7. Lubricity Additive. The lubrication capacity of diesel with a lower sulphur content must be considered since natural lubrication capacity decreases as sulphur content is lowered.

In South Africa we have seen sulphur content lowered from 3000ppm to 500ppm and now 50ppm low sulphur and 10ppm ultra low sulphur diesels are the standard.  Lubrication is critically important for the functioning of diesel pumps and injectors and therefore a synthetic or mono-acid lubricity additive is crucial to longevity of these components.

Good quality fuels from reputable suppliers contain all the additives that a fuel needs and have been extensively tested to minimize the possibility of adverse interactions between different additive and/or fuel components.

Hinterland Fuels strives to provide top quality additivised diesel and petrol on our forecourts.

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