The best vegetables to grow in Winter in South Africa

  • 02 Julie 2020
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Green onions

In case you are wondering about what vegetables to plant in winter in South Africa, why not start with onions. Green onions exist in different varieties. The best ones to grow during the winter are the “Scallions.” This is a hardy green onion variety, which means that they greatly depend on soil fertility rather than the presiding environmental condition for growth. Given the long growing period, your scallions will still be undergrowth in spring and start being ready for harvest in the early summer. In other words, you should carefully plan your gardens planting schedule so as not to interfere with your spring planting schedule.


Garlic is one of the easiest to plant winter vegetables. It shares various common traits with the scallion onion. For example, they tend to take a longer growing time. As a result, planting them in late autumn or early winter will take them the entire spring to mature. The garlic will be ready for harvest in early summer. Garlic also exists in different varieties. If your taste buds cannot get enough of the garlic flavour, we recommend you the Chesnok Red garlic. This is due to its delicious taste and soft texture experienced in meals. As this winter approaches, make a research on your favourite type of garlic and plan for an effective harvest.


Green pea is one of the most nutritious spring vegetables that your farm can ever bear. For you to enjoy the nutrient benefit in the early spring, you have to consider planting peas in your garden as autumn wraps up. For efficient farming, ensure that you focus on the rounded variety of the available pea seeds. This is because the rounded array tends to be hardy to both environmental, soil, and crop disease. A good example is the “Kelvedon Wonder peas. This is common among South African markets and tends to do very well in different regions. When it comes to nutrition, it tends to be one of the leading vegetables in the provision of vitamin C and starch. For a change from the norm, you can also try out the autumn Pea Meteor. Peas require a well-drained and a fertile farm for effective growth.

Spring onions

Spring onions grow rather faster when compared to its family members such as garlic and green onions. Due to this, timely planting of this vegetable guarantees the owner of the farm an early harvest at the end of the winter season. They make one of the best vegetables to include in winter given to their high nutritious value. While compared to green and scallions, they have a highly concentrated onion flavour.

Perpetual spinach

Perpetual spinach is a wonderful source of vitamin K in your home diet. One of its greatest advantages is that it grows very fast. As a result, you are ensured of harvesting its healthy leaves from season to season. Kale is also the answer to what vegetables to plant in summer in South Africa. An interesting fact is that you should keep vigil, as the growth of its flowers will make it a seed rather than a crop. Continuous removal of the flowers ensures the Perpetual Spinach production of fresh and nutritious leaves.


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