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  • 01 April 2022
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The fuel price in South Africa is on the rise once again, and with more people back on the roads following the coronavirus hiatus, savings at the petrol pump is all the more important. With this in mind, Hinterland Fuels and Agri Credit Solutions (ACS) have come together to give back to their valued customers.

Through a dynamic collaboration between Hinterland Fuels and ACS, you as valued customer, can now qualify for a monthly discount on fuel, credited to your ACS nominated account. Registered customers can earn up to 40 cents per litre, depending on the quantity of fuel purchased monthly at all participating Hinterland Fuels branches.

By registering your One-Agri profile for the ACS fuel rewards programme, filling your tank up with petrol or diesel is as easy as scanning your South African driving licence at any Hinterland filling station when buying on account. Account owners can also link other users, such as a spouse or children.

In launching the rewards programme, Hinterland Fuels and ACS have released several “How To” Videos to aid customers in aspects such as registering and managing their fuels accounts. To learn more, visit www.hinterland.co.za .

Register now to earn discounts on every litre of petrol or diesel purchased. Hinterland Fuels, rediscover what matters!

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