How Hinterland transforms agriculture

  • 06 June 2019
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The biggest change in this environment is probably the merger of Senwes and Afgri’s retail businesses.

In 2013, Senwes and Afgri decided to merge their retail stores and wholesaler. This was the beginning of Hinterland. Each of the two agriculture giants owns a fifty percent stake in Hinterland. The Town & Country and Senwes Village brands that represented the respective companies' retailers made way for Hinterland, which celebrates its sixth anniversary in June this year.

Hinterland is geographically positioned to serve most of South Africa’s summer harvesting area with 58 retail branches in six provinces: Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West and Free State.

It is important for Hinterland to play a decisive role in towns and rural areas and not just in agricultural retailing. “Because the countryside is close to our hearts, it is important to us to offer products and solutions to our customers in these regions,” says Rupert Jacobs, manager of corporate marketing and retail development at Hinterland.

Hinterland has also established itself as more than just a grain input supplier. With the creation of a livestock and irrigation division, Hinterland can also offer more complete solutions to producers regarding their livestock needs, breeding programs, livestock training programs, and system and micro irrigation designs.

Since 2018, Hinterland has also been involved in sponsoring prizes on the popular ‘Landbouweekliks’ program on VIA TV. Viewers can win weekly prizes to the value of R5 000. Currently, R5 000 worth of Ruggedwear clothing can be won every week. This is a very popular range of clothing available in Hinterland stores.

“Hinterland is also the first agricultural retail company to set up their own TV program aimed at the non-agricultural customer. The program, In Hinterland, was aired in 2018/19 for two seasons with great success. The program returns to the box in August and will be broadcast at 06:10 on Thursday mornings,” explains Rupert Jacobs.

For the past three years, Hinterland has also been the main sponsor of the ALFA interracial cattle competition, which is held annually in September at the Afridome in Parys. Here Hinterland has established itself as a major role player in the South African livestock industry. During the event, the winners of the various regions in South Africa’s inter-race competition come together and the best of the best is crowned here.

The most recent addition to Hinterland’s operations is the sponsorship of the Mamre Intensive Sheep Farming events. “Our goal is to innovate sheep production at all levels by providing information, training, products and management tools - from farmers to farmers. We strive for well-being and prevention of discomfort through good nutrition, health and facilities,” explains Rupert Jacobs.

In the digital field, Hinterland has been operating an online buying platform for the past 3 years, where a wide range of products can be purchased with delivery at your postal address or at your nearest Hinterland branch. Visit to make use of this opportunity.

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