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With 748 operational employees, 39 branches, 40 fuel stations, 20 inset marketers and a support complement of 51 employees at the head office in Klerksdorp, Hinterland is a relevant role player in the agriculture and rural areas of central South Africa. The operational structure is set up in such a way as to interact with as many farmers as possible on a daily basis, whether it be visits to the farm, organised farmer day events or transacting with the farmer at one of our outlets, or through an online experience.

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Hinterland, with its head office in Klerksdorp, has a dynamic corporate culture which is built on sound corporate values and principles. As a company we place a huge emphasis on ethics and ethical behaviour and value each employee’s contribution to ensure that the company achieves its goals. This inclusive culture creates an environment where employees can be innovative and buy into the brand strategy.


Hinterland has 39 retail outlets,  40 fuel stations, 3 kiosks, 4 convenience stores and 1 supermarket. The company's business units spread out over four provinces in South Africa with 22 in the Free State, 2 in Gauteng, 20 in North West and 3 in the Northern Cape.












The successful retail business, which trades as Senwes Village also offers a wide variety of hardware and convenience products to the general public, such as irrigation equipment, DIY-products, hardware, animal health, animal feed and fuel.
Senwes Village

Various career opportunities exist at Hinterland:

  • Procurement

    • Buyer
    • Stock Planner
    • Order Clerk
    • Admin Clerk
    • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing

    • Marketing Manager
    • Agri Business Managers
    • Public Relations & Events Co-Ordinator
    • Debtors Clerk
    • Specialist Sales Clerk: Equestrian
    • External Sales Consultant
  • Finance & Administration

    • Financial Director
    • Financial Manager
    • Accountant
    • Compliance manager
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Business Analyst
    • Process Controllers
    • Trainers
  • Irrigation

    • Irrigation design engineers
    • Irrigation designers
    • Surveyors
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