02. What We Offer From shop, yard and store to seed, fertiliser, crop protection, and fuel

Committed to driving a positive impact on Southern Africa's agri sector, our product and service offering cover the needs derived from a vast variety of farming practices. We enable agricultural producers with the seed, fertiliser, crop protection solutions and fuel to plant and serve them future down the value chain from our retail stores with animal care products, irrigation solutions and mechanisation equipment, to name a few. Our retail stores also offer, amongst other things, clothing, DIY tools, building materials, garden essentials, and household items to the general public.


12 000+
In-store product lines

4 500+
Online product lines

Embracing the Digital Frontier

In line with our unwavering commitment to innovation, we're thrilled to introduce our ecommerce store. Beyond expanding our reach, this platform is designed to embrace change and take you as our valued customer, along with us on this exciting journey to where the future lies. This digital evolution seamlessly aligns with our vision and helps, one where tradition meets innovation, and your agricultural journey is our priority.

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