Accessing Applications and Support:

All necessary applications and documents are readily available at Hinterland branches. Our friendly staff will assist you at every step. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your nearest Hinterland branch for inquiries, assistance with your application, or any other support you may require.

At Hinterland, we understand that efficient purchasing is vital for your agricultural operations. That's why we offer the convenience of buying on account, ensuring a seamless procurement process for your farm's needs.

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Step 1:

Complete FICA Documentation
In accordance with legal requirements, we ask that you provide full FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) documentation. This helps us ensure compliance and maintain the highest standards of financial transparency and security.


Step 2:

Submit Your Application
Begin by completing our straightforward application form. This form is your gateway to establishing an account with us and accessing the benefits of buying on credit.


Step 3:

Provide Financial Statements
For accounts with a credit limit exceeding R10,000, we require your latest financial statements. These statements offer insights into your financial stability and enable us to tailor your credit limit to your specific needs.


Step 4:

Provide Land & Farming Details
To better serve your agricultural needs, we request information about the land on which you farm and the nature of your farming operations. This information allows us to provide you with custom-tailored solutions.