02. Products and Services:Explore our extensive range of direct input products and services:

Seed:Hinterland stocks top-quality maize seed from Dekalb, Pannar, and Pioneer, sunflower seed from Pannar and Pioneer, and wheat seed from Syngenta and Pannar. Additionally, we provide soybean seed options from Agricol, Pannar, and Pioneer, all based on your specific orders.

Fertiliser:Count on Hinterland as we stock premium Macrosource fertilisers. We also provide financing, through Agri Credit Solutions, for fertilisers supplied by major brands such as Omnia, Kynoch and Yara.

Crop Protection:Safeguard your crops with crop protection products backed by financing solutions from Hinterland through Agri Credit Solutions. We partner with leading crop protection companies such as Laeveld Agrochem and InteliGro to ensure your crops are well-protected.

Agri Credit Solutions, a subsidiary of Senwes, is a registered credit provider.

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